2003-11-11 19:12:13 ET

I've done wrong by you
I done wrong by you
now what can I do
to redeem?
to redeem?

I wanted to romance you
I wanted just one chance to
and now I've just one dance to
to redeem.
to redeem.

I should have left when you said
I didn't know what was in your head
I didn't know you were so sincere
when you whispered in my ear, "come here."

guilt is riding high
from these tears you cry
tears I know that I
will redeem.
will redeem.

will redeem (x8)

- Vic Ruggiero

2003-11-13 12:24:04 ET

your list of concerts is hot. I love just about every band on there.

2003-11-13 22:11:23 ET


2003-11-14 14:27:38 ET

roger miret and the diasters

2003-11-14 20:12:50 ET

what about them?

2003-11-15 10:53:19 ET

you called them the destroyers

2003-11-15 21:23:15 ET

no I didn't.

2003-11-16 06:43:43 ET

yeaaahhhh...alright whatever man

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