The Journey
2003-12-28 17:43:53 ET

Back on the
same road again
ride this trail
I know it well

seen it all
know the path
with my eyes closed
hands behind my back

Over and over
I make this trip
the road remains unchanged
where I end is always different
but where I start the same

and the journey
an adventure.

2003-12-28 18:04:38 ET

you in a band, man?

2003-12-28 19:21:14 ET

heh. nope.
just a fanboy.

2003-12-29 12:25:11 ET

aww well you oughta start one. local ska kicks ass.

2003-12-29 17:38:19 ET

if only I played instruments.

2003-12-30 14:07:46 ET

theres always the singer though right?
or in the case of ska, you could always pull a madness and make the little chica-chica noises

2003-12-30 15:17:49 ET

well, I'd rather stick to my karaoke, if you don't mind.

2003-12-30 18:05:06 ET

haha kareawesome

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