Wet Dreams
2003-12-30 03:37:33 ET

Every day this week I've woken with a hard-on
and I blame you.
cause every night I dream and in my dreams
I see you.

You kiss me and stroke me and tear at my clothes
I can't seem to move and you won't leave me alone
Every day this week I've woken feeling horny
What're you going to do?

2003-12-30 03:39:43 ET

i would smack the person for being a tease

2004-01-01 21:21:04 ET


2004-01-02 03:59:14 ET

Well, at least you folks have made me feel better about myself.

Remember - Integrity is Whitelisted.

2004-01-02 04:10:17 ET

i really don't speak from my brain, i just let the diet coke speak

2004-01-02 07:51:46 ET


2004-01-03 03:04:45 ET

that's good to hear...

Look out! A Bear!!

*points to the distance*

*runs away*

2004-01-03 09:52:57 ET

*chases after the bear until she realizes rudie was FUCKIN WITH HER*

2004-01-03 19:32:33 ET

you = dumb.

2004-01-04 11:02:34 ET

you = asshole

2004-01-04 11:25:08 ET


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