I don't think I ever put this one up. though I may have.
2004-01-02 04:18:45 ET

there's got to be
a reason
a reason to believe
something that gets
you through
til the end of the week

The single mother of three
Truck driver on the road
the mourning brother
the burn victim
the lonely teacher
crying at a stoplight

there's got to be
a reason
for the things you do
that gets you out of bed
and forces you to face
the world

Once you find
a reason
don't let go - hold tight
I get up cause I got things to do
things to get me
back to you.
If I didn't,
I'd stay in bed
all day
and never cry.

2004-01-02 04:24:31 ET

who did that one?

2004-01-02 06:18:25 ET


2004-01-02 10:08:58 ET

i like it

2004-01-08 20:09:58 ET


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