2004-01-27 04:15:36 ET

dude, I had one fucked up dream about an hour or so ago. (yes, I only woke up an hour ago.)
I was hanging out at a Restaurant in a nearby mall, dancing, there was some sort of TV Crew there, not quite sure why... then I looked up out of the sky light in the roof,
and planes were just dropping out of the sky. none fell on the building, but everything just kinda stopped and the ground was rumbling when they crashed. At least 4, that I saw before I walked, calmly through the crowd.
it was really scary. and I actually noticed that the mall's music system started playing real dramatic, movie music as everyone ran out the doors.

2004-01-27 12:30:26 ET

haha thats hilarious
but as not so hilariousness
laurel aitken is dying
:( *every ska fan remorses*

2004-01-27 15:10:22 ET

is dying?

or has died?

and how so?

2004-01-27 17:37:46 ET

is dying, on death bed
hes got double pneumonia
expected never to sing again

2004-01-27 19:01:47 ET

where'd this info come from?

not that I don't believe you, but want to read for myself.

2004-01-29 12:41:38 ET


sad stuff really

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