the American Way
2004-01-30 18:46:06 ET

When you run a race
and you fall on your face
it's tough to get back up

but you better get up
or get trampled over
or at least lift your head
so you don't loose the goal

It takes strength
to move on
after taking a tumble
like that

But if you don't...
but if you don't...

they why'd you even start?
why'd you even try?

2004-01-30 18:48:17 ET

you smell because you've seen the Slackers more than I have.

2004-01-30 22:24:41 ET

Nice. Very Nummy.

2004-01-31 04:06:04 ET

ska: where're you at?
they're on tour right now. you may have missed them.

Siren: thanks.

2004-01-31 13:34:45 ET

If ska [all forms.] was a man, I would defnitley jump his bones and try to make him let me bear his children.

When are they in Toronto?

2004-01-31 18:00:32 ET

sheet, I think they just did Canada in the Fall.

2004-01-31 18:09:07 ET

im missing the nearest slackers show and that makes me really pissed

2004-01-31 19:39:08 ET

which is that?

2004-01-31 20:27:56 ET


2004-02-01 03:53:40 ET

hmph. yeah, ya did.

2004-02-01 05:44:46 ET

nah its the 13th, but im out of town then

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