2004-02-29 11:55:27 ET

Hot off the presses!

it's my bi-monthly survey -

is any of the stuff I write good?
Be honest. Remember - you don't really know me.

2004-02-29 12:48:55 ET

i like it alright.

2004-02-29 16:02:47 ET

i like it man, but it'd be cool to have a entry about yourself onece in a while man

2004-02-29 16:51:59 ET

yeah id rahter haer about what your up to

2004-03-01 09:54:03 ET

ya, hon, what ARE you up to?

2004-03-01 16:49:14 ET


and why are you folks so interested in my life, anyway?

2004-03-01 17:22:45 ET

i dunno cause its your journal, its just what you come to expect with such a thing

2004-03-01 18:25:13 ET

Never expect the ordinary.

not from me, anyway.

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