2004-04-28 19:39:54 ET

hmph. I'm so torn, cause I want to go see the Bouncing Souls next Friday, but I don't think I should spend the money.
I need to save every bit I can for next month's HepCat shows.
but I could just cut back on other things - like food.
yeah. I could live on dollar store stew and ramen for a month. yeah, I could do that.

*passes out*

2004-04-28 20:01:03 ET

good luck with that (the ramen diet, bleh) :)

2004-04-29 03:37:31 ET

heh. the Ramen diet is, like the antithesis of Atkins, right?
all carbs, all the time.

2004-04-29 03:56:15 ET


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