2004-05-12 17:04:28 ET

Focus is impossible
can't sit in my chair
my mind wanders back to you
though you aren't even there
I can't control it
I feel your body against mine
I feel the heat between us
though it's all in my min
locations, positions,
just seeing you nude
Images fill my brain
and there's nothing I can do
It's like you've got a psychic
hold upon my cock
I can hear you lughing playfully
that you'll never give it back.
Don't know where you get this power
or from where the addiction stems
it's a torture you're not here now
and I have no idea when
I'll see you again
and make these dreams real
to grab you and hold you
till you feel how I feel
It's just not fair
without you
it just hurts
I'll be thinking of you, though
while using a dirty t-shirt.

2004-05-17 02:42:29 ET

That's just bloody brilliant.

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