5/30/04 - Hepcat @ the Trocadero, Philadelphia PA
2004-05-26 13:00:54 ET

this is bullshit.

from www.thetroc.com

HEPCAT Sun. 5/30
with Eastern Standard Time - Westbound Train

Doors @ 7:00pm
Refunds available at point of purchase

that is all.

2004-05-26 17:10:01 ET

i saw that they were playing in philly and thought in my head i wish i could go

i think my jealousy caused it to be cancelled, im sorry for the angry shift of karma

2004-05-28 10:20:14 ET

Because you won't still be seeing them in NYC? You poor, poor thing. **weeping violin music swells in background**

(but, ya, it does sort of suck. I'll give you that.)

2004-05-28 23:28:55 ET

it really sucks, thats terrible

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