Breakfast after the affair
2004-06-12 20:40:04 ET

It was the simplest thing
In the world,


They come from chickens.
I was supposed to be
eating them for breakfast.
But, I just let them sit there.
2 yellow eyes staring
up accusingly at me.
Lost in your paper,
you didnít seem to notice
Them jeering.
And all I could think of

was if you ever found out

how I would never have
the chance to cook you Eggs.
The whole world fixated on
those Yellow Yokes.
Those Yellow Yokes became the sun
around which all the galaxies rotated.
Singularly, blindingly, terrifying,
was the


that I would never
get to cook you Eggs.
And the secret I shared with my runny breakfast

I could not share with you.

And you asked me if I didnít like my eggs.
Perhaps I should scramble them?

Just like us.


2004-06-12 21:34:06 ET

that song sounds like that chicks totally trippin out

2004-06-13 04:05:15 ET

It's not a song.

It's a poem that my girlfriend wrote.

I liked it, so I thought I'd post it.

2004-06-13 10:20:08 ET

your girls totally trippin balls.
just kiddin' like jason...

2004-06-13 14:40:07 ET

yeah... heh heh heh....

she's gonna kick your ass now.

Just thought I'd warn ya.

2004-06-13 17:45:36 ET

shit! *runs*

2004-06-14 05:28:00 ET

Damn straight.

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