7/16/04 - Big Bad Voodoo Daddy @ the Bottle & Cork, Dewey Beach, DE
2004-07-17 12:09:32 ET

Well, I'm man enough to say when I didn't have a real good time at a concert, and this was one of those times.
Don't know what it was; could have been a lot of factors.
- could have been that the band didn't show up till 3 hours late
- possibly that I was robbed from the best-dressed competition, and they gave it to the guy in the wheel-chair. (again)
- might have been the fight I got into not 30sec after the start of the show, when some drunk guy was humping my ass
- maybe I missed my baby too much
- could have just been my lack of sleep

Whatever the reason, I didn't enjoy myself until at least halfway through the show. My mind was racing and my body wouldn't relax and have fun.
Eventually I decided just to take a step back, go to the rear of the crowd and take a breather. I started to feel a bit better, that's when I decided that, since I didn't have my girl with me, maybe I should just take other guys' girls away. I mean, not to brag, but I looked so good I could have had any girl in the crowd. That's when I started grabbing girl after girl, dancing with them, then leaving them behind for another. Definately picked me up some.
The band, though, were true professionals. they got off the bus and a half-hour later had the crowd jumping, jiving, and, um... wailing, I guess.
The blah blah blah yakkity schmakity, great musicians.

So, over all, a good show. Hopefully when I see them in August, I'll be in a better mind-set to have a good time.

Take care, all.

2004-07-17 12:34:18 ET

hmm ok so i was looking at all your shows and they seem to be everywhere in the eastern states.. do you actually travel to all these states to see bands? thats way rad. where do you even live originally?

2004-07-18 05:51:53 ET

I am originally from Delaware.
I currently reside in Allentown, PA.

my home is the road.

2004-07-18 11:08:21 ET

how come your home is on the road?

2004-07-19 11:24:33 ET

Why is anything anything?
THAT is the style from L.A., and that is where my manager lives, and my agent, okay?
The case is solved.

2004-07-30 16:42:59 ET

ooo your in a band!?

makes sense

2004-07-30 21:03:10 ET


no. I'm not in a band.
am a detective.

2004-07-30 21:54:44 ET

well we need more of you

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