8/22/04 - Big Bad Voodoo Daddy @ Penn's Peak, Jim ThorpE, PA
2004-08-23 03:09:09 ET

Well, my first inclination is to be dissapointed,
but how can you be dissapointed at a concert where you get to dance with your girlfriend all night?

The BBVD put on a good show, again, though it was incredibly short.
I've never seen them play for less than 2 hours, but this time they only hit about an hour and a half. Most of the songs were from their 2nd, hit album, and their most recent album. I really wanted them to play "Please Baby," but I guess I can't expect them to play everything, every time.

wait. Yes I can.

anyhoo... A nice venue, good crowd, (probably the largest I've ever seen at a BBVD show), and plenty of room for dancing. Probably because for those who didn't want to dance, there were seats.

A lot of folks came dressed up, suits, hats, dresses and all, and I was no exception.
I wore a bright, blue suit and my baby wore a white dress w/ black polka-dots. Very vintage and very cute.
There was one creepy guy dressed in a black wannabe zoot suit (it looked more like an over-sized jacket, wide-brimmed hat, swingin' chain and all, and he just sat in the back and watched the show, stone-faced.
How queer.

and yes, somebody did come up and tell us that we were cute.
I'm telling you, we can't escape it.

Zig part 1
Simple Songs
You Wrong
Mr. Pinstripe Suit
Minnie the Moocher
Oh Yeah
King of Swing
Jumpin Jack
I Wanna Be Like You
You & Me & the Bottle makes 3
Mambo Swing
Jumpin w/ My Baby
Go Daddy-O
-some song I forget
So Long, Farewell, Goodbye

the end.

2004-08-23 11:43:01 ET

You two raidate cuteness...who couldn't comment on that?!?

2004-08-24 12:27:00 ET


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