2004-10-07 15:31:59 ET

My parenting skills were tested tonight
when I decided that it was time to give my cat a bath.
(I think she had fleas. and besides - she was starting to stink up the place.)

anyway, she howled and meowed and whined and moaned... I think probably someone thought I was shoving a cat down a drain pipe or something equally as horrible.

But it was for her own good, and she'll be such a pretty, clean cat once she's dry.
Boy, do I wish I had a camera, though. heh heh.

wet cats are funny, but freshly towel-dried frizzy cats are funnier.

2004-10-12 12:41:09 ET

You think she's bad...try giving the Bean a bath.... He doesn't meow...he says "Owwww!"

2004-10-12 14:36:04 ET

heh heh.

By the by, I think she's feeling a lot better now.

she doesn't scratch as much (except at the flea-collar).

I'll probably bathe her again at the end of the week, just to make sure.

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