2004-10-31 18:46:59 ET

Well, I didn't write as much poetry as I expected I would,
mainly because I was reading more than writing, but here's a couple good ones from what I did scratch out:


It was a strange thing,
when I stepped on the beach
I didn't know how to feel.
I felt like I should feel something
I didn't know how to feel.
the wind was at my back, the salt was in the air
I didn't know how to feel.
I decided I would do something
I didn't know how to feel.
So I took off my shoes and walked in the sand
I took off my shoes and walked in the sand.

Every now and again
I stop and grin
at the state I'm in
and the State I'm in.
Thought I'd never get here
wondered what it's like there
Now I'm working hard
to get back where I was
and tell them all a story
of the land of the setting sun.

haiku #24
In Los Angeles,
months of sunshine are normal
When I get here, it rains.

Wandering mind

Why is it
when I think of you
and I think of us
I start thinkin' bout sex
and I get all fucked up
I get all excited
my mind's light is lighted
and I can't wait for the taste of your flesh.
Is it some kinda sickness
some kinda addiction
that keeps me coming back for the
pleasures that you're dishing
out to me daily
or sometimes bi-weekly
or sometimes just monthly
or something it never
gets dished out at all
and sometimes it feels
I got nothin' at all
But even the slightest
glimpse of your body
sens me some quivers
and makes me all shivers
and stiffens the part
that longs for your touch
that turns me to mush
and clay in your fingers
distracts me from what
I intended to do
and sends my mind thinking
of nothing but you.
and so I aspire
to be nothing but tired
after running around
after you like a clown
I am smiling ahead
but it's like Smokey said
I cry when I can't
get you out of my head
and I try to expel it all
out through my pen
but the words all fall short
and I'm ramblin along
Where I'm goin I don't know
hope the path isn't wrong
but with you by my side
along for the ride
I know that my stride will be sure.
I'll take the right step,
determined still yet
to see you down there
all smiles and matted hair
wondering how we're to ever
get out of this mess
Or end this here song
or should we just ride along
on the rhythm we're rocking
and the time that we're clocking
until we go under
till we're both left to wonder
where we're we heading anyway?

I'll have pictures up of L.A. later this week.
take care, everyone!

2004-11-01 09:24:12 ET

Just when I start to think he didn't think of me at all...a whopper of a poem like that. I love that man.

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