2005-01-08 18:46:25 ET

I just found out there was a Huge FREE ska show in Philly tonight, and I stayed in and cleaned the cat.

I mean, she needed it, but - damn!


sorry. had to get that out.

fuckin' Bigger Thomas was there, too, man.
Why was I not informed??

now that I think....
I actually knew about this show, but didn't know it was free.
still - you think Bearclaw woulda' called if he had known.

man, I'm pissed about missing that show.
I mean, I was, like 30 minutes away.

Anyway - Slackers this weekend. that should make up.

probably not.


2005-01-10 02:27:00 ET

bitch bitch whine whine - you poor poor thing.

2005-01-10 02:50:01 ET

that's damn right.

2005-01-10 10:26:37 ET


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