2005-06-01 01:23:43 ET

running running running
still behind the leader.
fighting fighting fighting
can't knock down the fighter.
trying to be better
than the one that keeps me down
But he's always one step ahead
and I'm always on the ground.
the bastard's smarter and faster
and taunts me at every turn
While I sit here in my squalor
and watch my dreams slowly burn.
It's tough, you see, to make a dent,
to change who I am,
to be better than my idol,
to beat him at his game.
He constantly brings me down,
and reminds me of my place,
mocking me and laughing
as I try desperatly to save face.
It's hard to be that person
become a better man
When my opponent is myself
showing me who I am.

2005-06-01 09:23:30 ET

Interesting idea. I like it.

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