2005-08-03 09:41:39 ET

Just goes to show how far out of the scene I've wandered that I missed this!

Not that I would have gone, mind you. If I missed the Ska Summit in Vegas a couple years back, then Knoxville? Forget it.
But I at least would have liked to know about it so I could whine to my fiancee.

Hey wait - it was actually on the day I proposed.
hah hah hah.
How bout that.

hmph. *ponders that for a minute*

Well - que cera.
I'd certainly like to get back into listening to ska, find some new bands and such. Maybe when I'm settled and have disposable income again.

Yep, boy, am I looking forward to 2025.
Think the Slackers'll still be touring?

2005-08-19 07:00:07 ET

a really really good ska band formed in my town. i think they're in pittsburgh PA now.
they're called the distorted penguins.

2005-08-19 12:09:07 ET

Yeah, that'll happen when you leave the yogurt out over-night.

2005-08-20 14:06:36 ET


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