It's more than that...
2005-10-30 18:27:45 ET

The last few days
have brought me round
to that part of me that fears to drown
that part of me that wants to fly
that part of me that cannot die
It wants to write and sing a song
to all the bastards who've done him wrong
to all the girls he's loved before
a song to break down every door
but where's the words that make this song
that kill the darkness right the wrongs
that lead me to the place to be
that happy place inside of me
the morning rays caress her face
as shooting stars careen through space
and promise something that cannot be seen
cannot be felt cannot receive
the hopes and fears we send from earth
that contemplate our death and birth
where do we go
where'd we come from
who put us here
whyfore, howcome
I'd like to say I can exorcise
myself from myself
dry my eyes
and see myself for what I am
and see that I am what I planned
but I'm aware of what I've become
and try my best to share with someone
my hopes and dreams, my plans for me
for her and us and you and me
My plans, what were they
did I have plans?
Did I just say that
and hoped I'd find them
I remember talks of waves and oceans
of sun and roads and forgetting all those
things we kept behind ourselves
and letting loose to someone else
and driving wildly away from our lives
forgetting the future, the past out of our minds
the present only, the wind in her hair and
the sun setting in front of our ray-banned eyewear
When we got to the edge, though, what would happen?
Would we return to our lives, enriched but the same?
would these questions I have persist and remain?
Here is an answer -
the answer is out there.
It doesn't come quickly
and you often pass through it
when on this road of life
and you don't know you've seen it
or what it quite was
till you're through it and gone
and your life has moved on.
The road of this life needs a place to begin
and it doesn't quite end
and it doesn't quite bend.
It just goes on straight
through everything imaginable
and the path may seem smooth
or it may see unpassable
then it is time
to pull out these questions
and see what you've passed through
and if that will solve them.
Your map is laid
as you pass through it.
Beginner's Cartography
and she's the one who knew it
so that's my thoughts
as I sit here tonight
contemplating tommorrow
and the future beyond it.
Don't know where I'm going
but I look forward to it.

2005-12-23 17:29:06 ET

wow. I like that.

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