Into The West
2005-11-02 16:25:18 ET

Sunset on an autumn day
mocking, mourning
longing, yearning
leaving us cold,
dark and alone
remembering what was
back then.

Sunset in the clouds
on a cold autumn evening
chills to the bone
glare off glass
sun off stone
to look into it blinds
but it stares us in the face
reminding us of what we've lost
what we're loosing

Red and purple clouds
wind-swept autumn night
seems the sun has cleared away
all that was left
of all that was

2005-11-03 13:28:07 ET

I like this

The winds blow more as of difference between night and day changes the most.

2005-11-03 13:30:09 ET

connection problems = doulble post

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