best IM conversation of the day.
2005-11-07 12:43:36 ET

SARCOPTES: just so you know - I've become disenchanted with a large most people in general. You and a few others are alright, so at the dawn of the coming apocalypse, when I release Cerberus onto the unsuspecting multitudes (after reuniting the rings of Hephaestus while reciting the ancient truths of the Morbium scrolls) I suppose I'll spare you - but that's more than most people will get
CManley42: .
CManley42: ..
CManley42: ...
CManley42: er....
CManley42: Sure.
CManley42: thanks?
SARCOPTES: You're welcome ;-)

2005-11-08 10:40:28 ET

Who the hell?

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