2005-11-15 19:13:40 ET

The days are gone
my place is gone
to come and sit and write
now college kids
scream in my ear
and feel they have the right
to tell me of the glory days
and dream of days ahead
I'm wondering when the clouds went away
and what happened to my head.
Used to be Springsteen and street dreams
concerts and street teams
dream girls and wet dreams
fast cars and tire screams
Horizons of desert scenes

Like water on a roadside fire
all that's left is steam
but steam powered engines
and this trains bound for glory
I'm running on fumes
stuck for words to my story
the lines on the road
turned to lines on a page
and my glory turned reality
my dreams canned by sage
advice from a stranger
questions from within
hopes turned to longing
for one more song to sing...

2005-11-15 19:43:32 ET

this is good
i'd say something more
but I'm slumping now

2005-11-16 02:58:56 ET

Shoot. That's wonderful. Thank you.

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