2005-12-14 17:10:47 ET

I wish I could dig
your car out of the snow
I'd release your car
from it's powdery prisong
you you can go where you need to go.
To clear off your windshield
so you can see
and clear you of your burden
so you can be free.

It happens to us all
we get bogged down in the mire
and we've got to dig
ourselves out from time to time

Someone should help you
so you don't do it alone
to clear your way out
of this sudden burial of snow
Maybe I'll be there
my shovel in hand
Single hope of salvation
in a barren land.
I wish I could
clear your way to the earth
clear your way to fresh air
but I've got to dig my own car out first

2005-12-14 17:11:01 ET

Not as good as it was in my head.

2005-12-14 17:24:39 ET

quick though
and it works

2005-12-15 03:26:18 ET

Honest even.

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