They should make commercials like this.
2003-01-18 23:34:22 ET

Tickets (for two) to see the
Rudy Crew,
King Django
& the Vic Rice Octet - $24.00
a soda - $3.00
Vic Rice "Live @ Version City" - Free
(thank you insurance money)
Parking - $10.00
Getting to see the re-united members of the Stubborn All-Stars (minus Lord Sluggo) perform "Tin Spam" - Priceless.

There are some things money can't buy.
For everything else there's a mildly unhealthy dedication to Ska Music.

2003-01-19 10:36:39 ET

...any dedication to ska music is unhealthy.

2003-01-19 18:40:45 ET

you, sir, can go to hell.

2003-01-19 18:49:59 ET

Oh, but sir, I am already in it.

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