2003-01-23 11:48:36 ET

Drama is what makes for good writing, right?

then why can't I think of anything?
Usually proffessors or writers will tell you that when your life is in conflict, to use that and channel it into your writing.

Well I just hit a big conflict, and I've been trying to fit it into words, and nothing seems to be coming out.

When I try to force poetry, it doesn't come.
Listening to music helps bring the emotions out, but doesn't quite help with my writing.
God, I wish I knew how to write lyrics - real lyrics, not just rambling sentiments and confused thoughts.

I need to get out dancing.
to a tune we all know well
we all know the words
and you do it so well.

It's an oldie but a goodie -
she loves someone else.
it's an oldie but a goodie -
sing along will ya?


2003-01-25 22:56:54 ET

yeah, i feel the same way. you want to write, but you can't find the words, so you don't. you stare at the pen and paper (or computer) and nothing comes. it's horrible.

and listening to music, anything you write just fits what the band is playing and sucks when it stands alone.

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