2003-03-10 21:16:28 ET

We're now moving on to short stories in my creative writing class.

so, dear reader(s),
expect some odd things on this page, for sure.

I don't like stories. too hard to control. too many facets. even in my "film" I never have a "story" per-say.

I enjoy, rather, exploring the intricacies of inter-relationships and personal realizations in life.
the minutia that make up our lives facinate me,
and I would rather write a poem, or a make a video, studying a person's singular reaction to an event, rather than the conflict and struggle the person(s) take on to reach a goal.

I have no real goals in life...
I have things I'd like to do, places I'd like to go, people I'd like to fuck (over), but no goals.
if these things I'd like to happen never do, I can deal with that. it's not a crisis,
and not a conflict.

Last year, though, I wrote a great simple short story about a man who regrets not putting a dime in a bum's sax case.

maybe I'll post it if I get bored enough...
but was that enough for a full story? I don't think so. it was just a passing vision.
like life.

I've been meaning to write this -
Living the Dream

through hell and high water
over canyon and creek
we've come with determination
to claim that which we seek.

an aspiration to a goal
a cloud to which we reach
just look into my eyes
you won't need a grand speech

it's sacrifice and determination
it's plans and schemes
it's pain and wonder
when you're living the dream

a fight against reality
the truth that won't renege
knowing what you want
could quite possibly leave you dead

is it worth it?
all the strife?
all you've given up
in your life?

to try to gain
some insight,
into God's eye;
His sight?

a knowing of the world
a connection with the stream
we've become whole.
we're living the dream

2003-03-10 21:22:19 ET

I dont like stories much either... with me, I have a hard time putting the details in an even text... like, I'll put lots of thought and describe one thing with 3 paragraphs.. and then something else I'll describe it with a couple sentences maybe..

I, too, would rather write poetry than write a story... I think I can better express myself that way... story telling has never been one of my strong suits...

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