Never California
2003-07-12 19:33:41 ET

Why does California have to be so far away?

2003-07-12 19:40:40 ET

because, you live in pa sadly..i is too far away when you're trying to move

2003-07-12 20:23:27 ET

What is in Cali that is so far?

2003-07-13 06:20:40 ET

and it's not even the time, or the distance.
It's the money.
but I'm not going to whine about it. I'll have a decision made by tommorrow fi sure.

2003-07-13 20:18:26 ET

MMM. I can understand your dilemma now. Decision made?

2003-07-17 06:01:59 ET

Yeah. I'm not going.

...yeah. I'm not going to sell the ticket, though. fuck them.
they'll be an empty space on that dance floor, dammit.

2003-07-17 09:29:34 ET


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