So.. randomness
2006-06-18 10:05:58 ET

Guess I better do the introductory deep and meaningful journal post. Which I will almost certainly get bored of later and delete.

Currently I get paid shite wages to run a high street photo lab, and when my manager gets bored I also get screwed into running the store. (Usually at the same time as running the lab) My younger cousin gets paid more and she works less days and just does filing. I'm being taken the piss out of in a big way. Unfortunately, the only way out of my job right now is to either work on the shop floor in another retail job again, or become a secretary (a proper job according to my dad), neither of which would entice me to crawl out of bed in the mornings.

I'm currently stuck living with my parents, due to current job not paying me enough to afford rent around here. (Gotta love living so near London) I would move, and am very tempted to, but I have a friend here with an eating disorder and more than a few issues, so I don't want to be too far away in case she needs me.

I went to Uni, and quit because I could barely afford the course without getting myself into massive amounts of debt, and it wasn't a guaranteed job at the end of it all.

So.. situation now.
I've got to find a better job. (Ideally involving developing and printing, but failing that I'm looking at computer based jobs)
I've got to move out.

These may go hand in hand.

And more immediately, I need to pass my driving test in a few weeks.

Oh the fun.

2006-06-18 10:19:30 ET

Welcome, stranger.

Good luck getting all those things worked out.

2006-06-18 10:47:18 ET

hello! it's odd, i always assumed you'd have an account here, on SK! it's sophy by the way, or beneaththeskin...

you know, i'm seriously afraid of driving. one of my good friends keeps getting into car accidents.

2006-06-18 12:07:43 ET

Another sykospark member joins the throng ;)
(i'm lyra1441)
Welcome to subkultures! xo

2006-06-18 13:50:23 ET

hi kitty! *pets*

2006-06-18 13:52:48 ET

Your little brother reminds me of a young version of Martin Freeman (The guy who played Arthur Dent in the recent version of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)

2006-06-18 14:25:13 ET

welcome to the wonderful world of SK
more addictive and pleasing than porn

2006-06-18 15:00:20 ET

Welcome to SK *does the happy dance* OH YEAH OH YEAH

there are lots of good things in the van, do not be frightened.

2006-06-18 15:12:13 ET

lovly, you're a fucking liar. pr0n is teh shit.

2006-06-18 16:29:03 ET

I could never tell a lie

2006-06-18 17:26:43 ET

She's right, I know she's right, she could never tell a lie!!!

*whisper*could you?

2006-06-18 19:57:58 ET

welcome to sk!

I too am into photography. It's my major. weeee! And just to let you know, it's not difficult at all to learn how to print your own photos. It's expensive though. That's the sucky part.

2006-06-19 05:20:22 ET


2006-06-19 10:14:42 ET

Thanks Tracers <3

2006-06-19 12:06:28 ET

Welcome to SK. It's like crack, only arguably better for you.

2006-06-21 06:08:36 ET

Welcome to SK.

2006-06-22 01:08:26 ET

hehe welcome :D
down with semi-good but low paying jobs. that sucks but at least you're in a field you enjoy.

2006-06-22 10:24:55 ET

lol hi everyone

Sophy> I think I used to have a SK account, but it got deleted because I never used it

Slaad> will tell my brother that, though I guess it'll mean I'll have to listen to Hitchhikers quotes non-stop for a few days.

TrAcErS> I never lie, I'm sweet, innocent and 100% honest :p

300 MHz> Yeah, it's gonna cost a load. One of the advantages to working in a photography shop, I can get all the chemicals & paper at trade. Just got nowhere to set it all up.

2006-07-17 06:53:00 ET

Welcome so SubK!

your story is very familiar. Good luck.

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