Some good points
2006-06-23 09:36:30 ET

I have to be really sweet tomorrow, think I'll have to put on false eyelashes, just so I can flutter them.

A bloke came in today to get some sets of negs put onto CD's, I was seriously annoyed till I realised what they were photos of. He's got The Cure and the Banshees! I neeed copies! So I'm going to go beg him for copies tomorrow, 'specially as my auto scanner wouldn't accept them and I had to scan them in individually.

Oh yeah, and I've confirmed what I've always known. Head office don't give a shit about us "little people", we had Mr Top Boss Bloke in today. I've never met anyone so fake in my life. He came over to say hi to me (I may have told him to be quick because I was very busy) and although he asked questions, he blatantly wasn't listening to a word I said. You know when you can tell people are just pretending to hear you? He was such a lovely bloke. My managers rose tinted glasses have just shattered, she was convinced Head Office actually give a fuck, today wasa wake up call. Maybe she'll quit kissing ass now... maybe.

2006-07-03 15:20:34 ET

I don't get it, they were photos of The Cure and Siouxieless The Banshees?

2006-07-09 08:40:12 ET

No, Siouxsie was in the photos :)

2006-07-09 10:27:02 ET

Ah, gotcha. Cool.

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