Don't drive in London!
2006-07-09 08:41:29 ET

Friday was an.. interesting day..
Got up at 6.30am, did the whole work thing as usual - and it was a very long day at work, I was tired by the time I left work. Then I met up with Maz and we drove to Basingstoke to pick up Helen and Adrian.

Then the fun started.. some clever person (yes, ssh, I know it was me) decided to drive into London. Bad, bad, bad idea. We got very, very lost.. we drove around for a long time and eventualy I got so tired of driving and far too stressed so we decided to go home. So we met up with Nathan at Goodge Street and started to head home.

We were just going past Oxford Circus Station when my car decided to die. Right in between two sets of traffic lights, basically in the most inconvenient place possible. (For the non-brits, Oxford Circus is right in the middle of London and is very very busy, even at 3am) So we had to sit there, with the boot open (and no hazard lights!!) watching buses go round the car far too close for comfort. We stayed there for about an hour and a half. During which time lots of lovely people decided to take photos of us, especially one lovely bloke who was trying to lean in the window while I was in the driving seat holding back tears. Really lovely.

Thankfully there were some really lovely workmen offering advice and helping us move the car out of the way as much as possible. And Adrian provided the entertainment by lying in the boot wearing his leather trousers and "stroking (his) thigh at passing bus drivers" (his words, not mine!).

Help arrived eventualy and told us that the alternater (?) had broken. And because there were 5 of us in the car we had to wait for another guy to come and tow us home. Bearing in mind we broke down at about 11:30pm..we were still sitting waiting at 3am.

Then we get to travel home in a very cramped tow truck, with absolutely no leg room (and me wearing a very short dress). We got home some time after 4am and decided that we really really really needed alcohol.

I fell asleep about 6:30-7am. Note to self - sofa is not comfy, even when very drunk!!

We were sitting in the garden by about 11am enjoying the sunshine, and not being able to move.

Bizarrely it was actually all quite fun, despite getting lost and breaking down. That was all thanks to the nutters I was with, so thank god they made a nightmare situation so much fun!

2006-07-09 09:09:02 ET

Driving central London looks scary enough, but having car trouble would anywhere near those intersections would be a nightmare.

2006-07-10 08:28:07 ET

It was, I had to close my eyes every time a bus went past :s

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