Goddamn car
2006-07-17 01:04:56 ET

So.. the brakes went.

Yeah.. that was fun.. *shudders*

Was on my way home from work on Saturday and went to leave the motorway and realised that my brakes weren't working. So had a fun time trying to find somewhere (and somehow) to stop the car. Of course there were lots of lovely pedestrians only too happy to walk out in front of my car. Grrr.

Then once I'd managed to stop (found a conveniently empty car park) and phoned my dad, a traffic warden wanders over and is all "you know it's not free to park here don't you?". Then the git waited till I'd calmed down and explained the car had broken and then said "yeah I heard you on the phone".


It all seems to be ok again now, but this is getting really really silly!

2006-07-17 02:19:16 ET


2006-07-17 03:06:36 ET

holy crap. thats one of my worst fears...

2006-07-17 12:32:51 ET

aw, that really sucks...it's a bad fear of mine too. i think you handled it pretty well. better than i would have.

2006-07-23 02:45:29 ET

It's nice to see that the traffic warden has the right priorities.

2006-07-23 02:49:35 ET

yeah, I could have killed him. Cos the best thing to do when you see a girl almost crying, is try to make her more upset :s

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