Hmm boredom
2006-07-26 07:53:42 ET

I will not write a journal entry about blokes.. I wont.. I will resist..

Hmm, distraction, it's all horrible and sticky hot here. I love it when it's hot, but not when it's sticky. I could quite happily lie in a bath full of ice cubes right now, except I've already been bannedfrom that. I've also been banned from sleeping in the freezer. Damn.

I should so be sitting in a pub garden right now, drinking cocktails (and watching the barman), but everyone is working shifts and they all seem to be on a late tonight.. and I'm not going to sit down the pub on my own. Especially as I can only actually afford one drink. You don't think that'd appear slightly stalkerish do you?

"No, no, I can't afford another drink, thought I'd just come down the pub and stare at you shyly from the corner.."


2006-08-01 09:54:34 ET

You never know. It'd work on me. You'd get at least another drink out of it.

2006-08-01 09:55:20 ET

lol or barred.. whatever really

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