Protector of defenceless men
2006-08-04 10:55:02 ET

Oh dear.. I always seem to get stuck in the same situation. I have a few female friends (I pray they never find this site) who tend to latch onto blokes who really really aren't interested. And they tend to be really ful on about it.

As the sensible friend I usually make friends with the blokes (who are usually lovely blokes who are trying to let my friends down gently, and far too subtly) and then have to try and help them escape.

I've just driven one bloke home, away from my friend. I feel like some kind of one woman rescue mission.

Worst part, is a fair few times the blokes have been really lovely and the kind of blokes I'd love to get more involved with but I'm only ever seen as the "friend", someone safe to talk to. While the really clingy blokes latch onto me and I have to hunt for my own rescuer..

2006-08-04 13:00:38 ET

*giggles* bloke is a funny word.

But yeah, I hate that. What do you say to a friend when you know they guy they want isn't wanting them back? "I'm sorry, he just doesn't like you"? pfft.

2006-08-07 09:18:38 ET

Lol, how is it a funny word?

Yeah.. people tend not to be too happy with telling them stuff like that. I, personally, prefer it.. saves me making (more) of a fool of myself.

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