Bad luck continues
2006-08-13 08:41:22 ET

So I relax last night. Stick my new albums onto my USB drive to listen to in the car (Screaming Banshee Aircrew and All Gone Dead), take my dreads out have a wonderful relaxing bath and try to forget about my dear, darling friends.

This morning I'm still fairly relaxed and almost happy. So I stick the USB drive into the stereo and start driving to work.

I reverse off the drive and head to the end of my road. Stop, curse at the idiots parked on the corners (as always) and turn right and head down the road. Same as I do every morning.

Less than two minutes later a car goes to overtake me (it's a 20mph road with cars parked everywhere and speed bumps all down it) and forces me to pull over. He then tells me I've run into his car. What?! I'd have noticed, surely!

According to the bloke I pulled out of my road at full speed and his car was heading across my road at the time. So I, apparently, went straight out in front and caught the front of his car with the back of mine.

There is, apparently, a dent in his car. Which he, of course, got out and looked at then caught up with me... in less than 2 minutes.

His car = dark maroon, my car = white. My car had no marks on it whatsoever. No dents, no scratches. No scraped on maroon paintwork. Nothing.

Of course it's first thing in the morning and I panic and forget to take his details. I was desperate to get to work and he's going on and on and on.. So I just say "yeah yeah whatever" give him my details and get the hell to work. Where I burst into tears.

The cunt was all "maybe it'd be better for your no claims if we settle it privately, if you just give me the money".

Someone is trying to pull a fast one methinks.

2006-08-13 08:50:52 ET

Wow, that sounds really shady. Too bad you were in a rush to get to work since you probably could have called the police and had them file a report. Granted I think the guy would have ran off though.

Hope you have a better day darling!

2006-08-13 10:37:09 ET

What a creep. Shame on that man. Hopefully he'll never be heard from again.

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