Why me?
2006-09-06 09:15:02 ET

How is it I attract the loonies? Do I have a sign over my head? Give off some weird scent? (I shower dammit!)

At my mates 21st on Saturday one of my friends had far too much too drink and ended up throwing up in the pub loos. So of course I had to go check she was ok.. admittedly it took me 10 minutes to get over to the loo (you try walking fast in 6 inch heels when you are tipsy and your feet hurt).

So while I'm making sure she's ok a guy I know walks into the (ladies) loos. And I, unsuprisingly, tell him to get out. And he gets all offended and storms out.

I find out the next day, the reason he stormed off was because he actually thought I'd gone into the loos alone, and had decided to take the opportunity to try it on with me.

This guy is.. well, not my type, at all. He's sleazy, and thinks he's irresistable. He was down the pub Sunday and was going on and on.. "Why don't you fancy me? Why wont you sleep with me?" and my favourite "what do I have to do to bone you?"

This is a bloke who in an earlier conversation said "I'm really shallow about sex", so when he asked why I wouldn't sleep with him, I told him that was one reason. So he said "oh I was lying, I always lie, never believe anything I say, except for now, I'm not lying now"


He's one of those idiots who think they are really deep and meaningful, they think they can psychoanalyze you. He wound me up so much on Sunday I had to walk away, either that or I'd have chucked his drink over him. And I didn't want to do that, I like the barman at the pub, and he'd have had to clean it up.

2006-09-06 10:20:43 ET

I think that everyone woman thinks she attracts loonies. Well, unless she's a barbarian woman who makes men think she can pulverize them in a verbal figtht or beat them senseless in a boxing ring.

2006-09-07 09:13:31 ET

Heh, must learn to fight..

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