Wish I'd never started
2006-09-08 03:00:04 ET

So I thought, I know what'd be a really good idea.. I'll totally empty my wardrobes out and my makeup collection and have a really good clear out, and get everything organised. This is now going to take forever to sort out.. why on earth did I start this?

2006-09-08 05:27:17 ET

because it needed to be done.

Rememeber to throw out old makeup...i saw that Tyra Banks talk show and tehy put old makeup under the microscope and it was so gross...

2006-09-10 09:20:33 ET

Yeah, my old makeup drawers are looking hideous. :S That'll be a fun job for tomorrow

2006-09-14 09:14:54 ET

ugh, i'm having to do the same thing, except i'm scared to start.

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