Lets count change for fun.
2003-10-10 14:52:36 ET

Yes Another day in Killeen.
And I am alone here for three and a half hours.
What to do. -repeat-
I got my sugar fix (sugar crash)
and I got elbowed in the throat by vasa because I was tickling him. Its alright L the pain will go away sometime. kidding.
I saw a spiffy clip today of Bright Eyes denouncing a corporation named Clear Channel. And I now have more respect for him.
My old job is doing horribly from what I hear, so that kind of brightened my day, Is that wrong? Kidding, don't really care.
I seem to be in an artistic rut lately, I can't even draw a straight line. perhaps my brain needs to be in another plane, Tina what do you say? -gulp gulp-
Anyone see this chick? She is pretty saucy.
This will be my day, some sad existence.
I need an f-ing job.
over and out.

2003-10-10 14:57:05 ET

artistic rut my ass. You rhymed! =) And what do i say about what there? And are you calling me saucy? maybe sassy... lol =)

I hope you feel better. There is not much to do here. Maybe you should get Vasa to haul you over here tomorrow before his gig. We rented Donnie Darko (and some other crap keith picked out: Mr Deeds, final destination2, hellraiser2 and some erotic movie, lmao, men. haha). We can try to be good entertainment though. Better than sitting on your computer all alone all day like someone we know =)

You could always lie and say you're uber christian and get a job at a nursery, hahahha

2003-10-10 15:06:18 ET

ey ey,
Yes I am in an artistic rut, or maybe I just need a little of the chemical in my brain to actually pick up a piece of paper and a pen. Yes I am calling you saucy, you are, and from me thats crazy because I am very picky. -looks at nails with attitude- no, seriously though. You are.
No there doesn't seem to be alot to do here, but hey at least me and you talk. I can already tell we might be seeing alot of eachother. Just need a little of that human interaction.
He was actually talking about me coming today but we sat around and ate candy till it was time for him to leave. So I will be spending a bit of my time (out of boredom) counting change. haha.
kind of sad.
I love Donnie Darko. :) Erotic movie eigh? hmm, sounds like when we were over L's friend Ski's house. haha
haha, you know I totally would say that, you think it would work?

2003-10-10 15:13:35 ET

see, you're intimidating. but that's ok... *does the saucy dance*

it might if you go to the day care that mooch that lived with went to and say you accepted jesus. lol. of course, i dont know how they are about piercings and weird hair and what not. but they are all retarded anyways, not to be dissin on the xians. Just certain types. god is cool and all, just not when it makes you judge others.

YOU WATCHED EROTIC MOVIES AT SKI'S??? LMAO!! good stuff. Ah, Ski and I. We are bad together drunk, lmao

Well, keep it in mind. It ain't like Im going anywhere. If ya need a ride, just ask =) well, we're going grocery shopping tomorrow, but it's not like I enjoy that =)

2003-10-10 15:29:40 ET

I actually hear that I am intimidating all the time. Le Ron said it. I don't really understand it, but sometimes I try to have that 'hardcore-i'll kill you if you talk to me kind of thing" but thats only with people that have no substance.

Yes I will walk in with my glasses and a nice church dressed attire and say, "jesus christ is my personal lord and savior, he has touched my life with his willful hands and made me a better person, I certainly wouldn't have it any other way". Do you think that might work?

No actually vasa said lets look at blacksonblondes.com because we didn't think the site really existed, but alas it does. Then Ski's roomate started looking at beastiality and I don't delve into that, but shortly after we watched some korean porn, with this girl that was so poppy it became pretty uninteresting. haha well you have yet to see me drunk, considering it does take a bit to break my tolerance down. You coming on Sunday?

If they would take change I would totally say lets go get some brews and drink a little bit and hang out. You think they would? Because aside that we are totally broke. If only it was free.
But only in my groovy mind world. haha

2003-10-10 15:32:25 ET

Well, I've got brews at my house. Of course the captain is in the house, as is water (I mean budlight), icehouse and some smirnoff triple black. Im probably going to be getting into them soon. the son just went to bed and that's when the drinking ensues.

We are planning on coming over Sunday! Looking quite forward to it. YAY!

and you know, that may just work =)

2003-10-10 15:33:34 ET

want to hang out tonight then? or does this work?

2003-10-10 15:34:41 ET

nah, that's cool. Im going to send Keith over yonder to get ya if you want

2003-10-10 15:36:10 ET

ok cool, im mad lonely and bored and i think we need to chat lots if we are going to see eachother plenty.

2003-10-12 20:22:18 ET

a very late welcome to sk!

does vasa read you bedtime stories? :)

2003-10-14 05:31:20 ET

Haha, he asks me if I would like him to, but I decline. I never really liked bedtime stories unless I could hear the pages turning.
And thank you.

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