2003-10-14 06:14:10 ET

Pictures to be added soon also, of my monkey who is known simply as Mister Bation. Recent me picture, new art, and a picture of me and our Hooters waitress since that was my first time there.

2003-10-14 06:46:25 ET

Mister Bation must DIE!

*shifty eyes*

2003-10-14 06:50:30 ET

-gasp- But haven't we said he gets along with everyone? You don't have to worry about the other monkey, Mister B likes every other species than his own.

2003-10-14 07:17:59 ET

Ooooooh, okay then.

2003-10-14 07:47:41 ET

damn those monkey sluts.

2003-10-14 07:49:02 ET

Those crazy bastards probably get more lovin' than us. =P

2003-10-14 07:51:54 ET

Yes everyone seems to favor the mister.

2003-10-14 07:53:40 ET

I cry black, bitter tears.

And sing a song of woe.


2003-10-14 07:57:44 ET

i have a fuzzy picture of mister bation up now if you are curious

2003-10-14 08:13:10 ET


2003-10-14 08:14:12 ET

you know, I've never been to hooters either. lol

2003-10-14 08:15:29 ET

Not as much T & A as I was expecting. haha

2003-10-14 08:18:22 ET

damn, isn't that the only reason to go??

2003-10-14 08:20:34 ET

From what I hear, it's nice to bring the family. haha

2003-10-14 08:22:50 ET

damn, screw that place then. lol

2003-10-14 09:03:34 ET

If you want T&A go to a gay bar... those hags are wild.

2003-10-14 12:06:22 ET

haha, tell me about it. Last time I went, I was wild. there were women everywhere with adam's apples that were more beautiful than me!! Gotta love them drag queens. And half naked beautiful boys. I love gay bars/clubs.

2003-10-14 13:06:48 ET

The best gay bar i've been to so far, or most interesting anyway, is Emerald City in Pensacola, Fl.
Not too much T&A though.

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