short. and. sweet?
2003-10-15 08:20:17 ET

Greetings all of sk.
Today holds an odd mood for me.
Or a bit more different than other days.
Slowly I am getting all of my music back, and this,
is good. Though I know certain people who could look at me and say I don't listen to that. But then maybe i'm wrong.
Or perhaps I can say i'm in that mood?
-raised eyebrow-
This is all for now.

2003-10-16 04:31:17 ET

polluting my hard drive space with your music!!! Oh my!

I am kidding... I will just add your stuff to my massive collection :D

2003-10-16 09:43:42 ET

It's not my fault you don't have an eccentric music taste. :P

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