Today, we escape
2003-10-16 10:04:48 ET

Yes, I have become a person again, meaning I now have a job. No this isn't a play on people who don't have jobs because if you don't work more power to you.
I have drug out the Alice In Chains vids today its been too long since I was reminded what a nice time the plaid 90's was. And now I am listening to Ok Computer.
I am also adding more music to my now new collection considering most of my cds were either stolen or in such horrible shape now I wish they were.
Now is the time for Dead Kennedys, Rancid, Download, and a few other favorites.
V got a VCR yesterday which is a good thing, because in order for me to turn my sleep schedule back around for the graveyard shift, I am going to have to spend a little time in front of the tube. And I'd rather be watching movies, than the tube.
V has asked me to help with lyrics to a song he is making right now. It's been a bit since someone has actually asked me to write something up so, now it is going to take me a while. Not too bad though.
I take it no one liked my attempt at 'controversy'?
It's fine, or maybe it was the fact that it was already known. Nor do I really care.
I'm in the mood for a racey subject or a debate, perhaps I just feel like offending someone.
Either way, it will happen today i'm quite sure of it.
over and out.

2003-10-16 10:13:12 ET

welcome back to the world of working slaves.

2003-10-16 10:15:47 ET

Thanks, it's nice to be here after my week off.

2003-10-16 10:21:04 ET


2003-10-16 10:27:14 ET

awesome photography

2003-10-16 10:27:23 ET

aww thanks.

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