Venus Blue
2003-10-16 19:43:19 ET

wow, i'm starting to feel more like a person each and every day. this apartment is starting to have material possessions. (and the person thing is just one of my new things)
my computer has a desk now, and so does v's and the tv has a home now.
its magnificent dahling, really.
start work monday.
on the other hand, Tina is sick, wish i could help.
I talked to an old 'buddy' today. some things never change.
and something I am a bit weirded out about, my reasons are personal.
but my twin sis got baptized. still haven't fully realized that this is a truthful thing.
if that makes me wrong, let it be.
about time to chug this guinness. ack.

2003-10-16 19:44:43 ET

all you need now is a chair and a group of men in loin clothes to fan you and bathe you...! It's fun don't you know?!

2003-10-16 19:48:34 ET

actually i like the chair im sitting in. mmwwwhahahahahaha!
and don't you know those men come over while you are at work?
haha, if only.

2003-10-16 19:48:58 ET

Interesting....very very interesting...I need to be a house guest before my quest begins!!!

2003-10-16 19:51:38 ET

haha, actually, tumbleweeds rustle by in the front room on a good day. kidding.
a guest here?

2003-10-16 19:53:29 ET

Come on down ASinfulMystery!!! It would be nice BEFORE I MOVE AGAIN!
I can wear a loin cloth...

2003-10-16 20:04:47 ET

good god, that is a frightening visual. ack. =D

2003-10-16 20:33:32 ET

I should come down. I mean...what are you 4 hours south of me. I just need to suck it up and drive!

2003-10-17 03:55:56 ET

it's not 4 hours.. it's only 3 if you drive 5 miles per hour over the limit. Sheesh...

2003-10-17 05:22:33 ET

LOL Well tell me what you hate the most...and take that x10 thats how much I HATE driving.

2003-10-17 11:36:45 ET

Texas times x10

oh no!

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