2003-10-20 07:43:15 ET

Righteo. Apologies for the whiney posts.
I have finally realized that yes I am too nice and too generous. So I won't try to save any of those 'friendships'. On another note, my zine's draft is due the 29th, and the only thing i've wrote I don't think a few people will be too pleased with. As my sister told me, it's offensive, but, this is mine, and what I write goes in. So, since no one from here will probably ever read my zine. I give you my first entry. And at some point, if it offends you, back away, because i'm sure all of it will.

"And the time approaches for some kind of clever innuendo, or some kind of substance in Odessa, Tx.
My name is ZoŽ Rants, Odessa is my hometown though I don't live there. So, this edition of my mind comes to you from Killeen, Tx. Enjoy.
I've been thinking of this zine for quite some time now, it's only that my sister and her boyfriend made the deadline for first entries. Though some things I might say could be considered as controversial, meaning someone is bound to take offense, the whole agenda of zines is to get to our point. We know that this could either touch or repel you, and this, for a little bit of culture, is what we are prepared to do. So, without further ado, here is my part to the new worded thought.
Lately i've been both intrigued and repelled by the people that occupy Fort Hood on a daily basis. Though I live with and mostly converse with the army band, there is still quite a bit of drama that ties into it. Perhaps this is with everyone, because I have noticed that all produce a little in some form or another. But being here, has made me appreciate the fact that I am from the slight hell called Odessa, and not this small, army ridden, un-cultured place. My apologies for all from Killeen that take offense.
Not this many times since I have been in a place for the past 6 months has the subject of religion come up. Every day my ye of little faith self has to hear in some form or another a kind of preaching. Don't get me wrong, I have feelings, I believe in reincarnation, that everything happens for a reason, and the fact that someone or something has to be looking out for me. I am also aware that all previous could be subconscious too. But come on people, is it necessary for me to continuously repeat myself on why I am the way I am? I hear people saying, I love my god, over and over it seems, then afterward trying to prove to me that they aren't preaching. Well, (and please excuse my language, but this is a subject I feel strongly about) what the fuck do you think you are doing if not preaching. Let a person be who they are and stop trying to push something I don't and will probably never inhabit.
While i'm on touchy subjects let me get onto the political train now. For the previous few months I have gained knowledge into the ways of third-world countries, heard thoughts on the President, and heard media about the government, as well as feelings on deployment. And to sum this all in one long sentence if I may. I am not sure I agree with how the president dealt with the whole Iraq thing, but as long as i'm here, i'll say that the democratics have gotten more liberal, and if Gore was our 'leader' from what I gather I am sure we would be something almost resembling the iraqi or afghani way of life. And i'm sorry if someone from one of these places reads this, but give the chick thing a rest, it almost makes me want to get into feminism. Chicks are definitely more attractive, and the stronger willed sex. The government, well I think a certain bumper sticker in Azure Green sums that up. And deployment, I can't tell you how depressing it is to hear someone say they are scared at the fact that they might not come back. But, when that day comes my heart is with you, because you definitely have more courage than I.
On a lighter note before I turn anyone else away from my propaganda, work starts. Finally the graveyard shift. So I can occupy my time with tables, and drunkards on the weekends. Also I have become aware of some new music, wonderful.
On my soundtrack at the moment. - Radiohead - The Bends with the background of Jamie's Kitchen on Food Network. very riveting. "

2003-10-20 08:16:21 ET

Wow girlie...I need to take a nap after reading that!!!! *lol*

2003-10-20 08:17:50 ET

haha, i think im in need of a debate, then i'd probably stop offending people.

2003-10-20 08:19:12 ET

I don't think anyone has ever offended me....I give you the challenge

2003-10-20 08:19:55 ET

haha, you're on. is there some kind of prize if i do?

2003-10-20 08:20:30 ET

I don't know. I will drive down to Killen and cook for you and vasa.

2003-10-20 08:21:14 ET

food need to occupy the cabinets before that happens. haha

2003-10-20 08:25:12 ET

I can bring the food. Or I can go shopping. Besides I promised Vasa I would come visit him. *grrr driving*

2003-10-20 08:29:12 ET

i love driving. thats cool i can meet another sk'er

2003-10-20 08:36:25 ET

no offense here. i think you have a very good point. this place is miserable. so sorry you have to live in it. ;)

it feels like the army controls your whole life. i get news on keith's deployment and now im dropping my life and moving - again. it never ends. it's annoying.

2003-10-20 09:11:15 ET

Thanks, I hope everyone reads it the way you did.
The people make this place bearable. ;)
Moving? when is this taking place?

2003-10-20 10:13:54 ET

sometime in December before January

2003-10-20 10:18:03 ET

damn the man, we must hang out more!! i'm going up north for christmas and new years. -pouts like a little girl-

2003-10-20 10:30:05 ET

are you going to be gone the entire year?

2003-10-20 11:20:12 ET

where's north? And probably. (see my lj for my newest installment of pissiness)

2003-10-20 17:09:51 ET

Virginia Beach

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