can't move face
2003-10-23 16:29:23 ET

facial mask, shower, black coffee and 1 hour before 8 of being on feet. I love it.
V played Huey Lewis and the News earlier, and I couldn't tell if it put me in some American Psycho mood or some weird feeling 80's one. I have compiled half of what I listen to into a list, so I will put half here, because frankly, I don't want to sit here for the rest of my life. enjoy. -Zster

robert johnson, at the drive-in, Creedence Clearwater revival, the doors, louis armstrong, kenna, sigur ros, misfits, type o negative, le tigre, duke ellington, etta james, billie holiday, portishead, vnv nation, project pitchfork, janis joplin, the smiths, devo, count basie, skip james, funker vogt, wumscut, dandy warhols, fiona apple, the cure, the dead kennedys, siouxsie and the banshees, bjork, pj harvey, tori amos, the sugarcubes, mudhoney, miles davis, howlin wolf, mindless self indulgence, FC Kahuna, apoptygma berzerk, pigface, 16 volt, acid bath, aphex twin, rancid, deftones, s.o.a.d., radiohead, depeche mode, the clash, ben folds (five), placebo, the pixies, the faint, gin blossoms, hooverphonic, tricky, icon of coil, coil, god speed you black emperor, bright eyes, rasputina, magenta, minus, kent, foghat, led zeppelin, ministry, siouxsie and the banshees, tumor, morcheeba, tool, depeche mode, malice mizer, cypress hill, dr. dre, snoop, the birthday massacre, frank sanatra, converter, atari teenage riot, candlebox, the postal service, jimi hendrix, orbital, the toadies, nine inch nails, alice in chains, soundgarden, goatwhore, soilent green, psychadelic furs, simon and garfunkle, rolling stones, cocteau twins, juno reactor, snot, deathboy, 36 crazyfists, red house painters, skunk anansie, coldplay, the afghan whigs, underworld, gorillaz, velvet acid christ, Holst, Tracy Bonham, massive attack, lamb, charles mingus, Death In Vegas, B-52's, Cracker, Cranberries, RATM, Spacehog, Mazzy Star, Sublime, Suzanne Vega, Chemical Brothers, Agents of Oblivion, Deadboy, Black Flag, Black Sabbath, assemblage 23, covenant, david bowie, front line assembly, the beta band, sparta, moby, smashing pumpkins, nirvana, STP, this mortal coil, mlwttkk, merle haggard, hank williams

2003-10-24 04:29:38 ET

I know I saw Placebo in and Vasa should come up to Dallas December 4th and see Placebo with me and the Wife

2003-10-24 13:11:50 ET

damned righteo! :)
whats the tick price?

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