2003-10-24 02:13:29 ET

Back at 5:40 in the morn. Wow, I really love my job. :)
Not to mention i'm a 'fag hag' and I work with tons of them.
Why is it that gay men are so much more beautiful than straight. (and don't say it's because you can't have them, because that isn't why.)
I also work with some hot chicks. haha.
There were some drunk people being total asses to Cory. (one of the cuties)
Makes people lose points.
I really want to take some photos, I need to start getting back into that.... I miss it.
My friend at work is giving me the 'gay yellow pages'. Rock.
Now I can find some hoppin clubs.
And I have more people to drink with now.
I have Halloween off!!
Now it's time for the Z-ster to be off to dreamland.
Bonne nuit.

2003-10-24 03:39:12 ET

I am a fag hag as well. I miss my fag he moved back to Monroe, LA. *cries*

2003-10-24 11:03:31 ET

gay men have more class than the straight slobs.

ive been called a fag hag, just cuz i had gay friends i used to chill with.

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