Time becomes waste
2003-10-26 23:41:01 ET

I am watching "Toys in the Attic" A cowboy Bebop episode right now. It's a great part, but it runs.
Just got home from having a few drinks with the girls.
Where I aquired e-mails and a hooded sweatshirt.
And don't think anything strange, it's just a sweatshirt and drinks.
Last night was a bad night at work....
I blacked out, and when I came to I didn't know where I was.
What the hell is happening to me...
Sleep comes now.
Bonne Nuit.

2003-10-27 00:34:15 ET

yea always hate wakin' up and not knowin' where i am

dream sweetly nite

2003-10-27 13:47:44 ET

Hail hail cowboy bebop!

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