2003-10-30 14:51:33 ET

There is something, below the surface, I can't quite see what it is, but it's pulling that childlike spirit down to the bottom.
Here, in this wasteland the closest thing you'll see is a memory, a fading instant once known as who this person used to be.
But, here, here in this world, we swallow our pride and make do of all that is left.
But sometimes, even a swing set isn't enough.
Yes here we pretend to laugh, and fool ourselves into thinking that the un-clever have substance.
They claim to breathe, they hesitate to smile, and in the end all we see is ourselves, staring at the surface of the water, imagined memories just below.

Amazing what you find when you look at back-dates.

2003-10-30 15:08:56 ET

Now that is pretty cool!

Almost sounds like something I'd write! (Except better ;)

2003-10-30 15:27:16 ET

;) thank you

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