Very annoyed.
2003-11-07 16:09:54 ET

Aww you poor bastard. (not intended to anyone in this community.)
My god this kid is annoying.
So much that I feel like disconnecting the phone.
In other news, I hate this farking town.
I don't want to work tonight, just one of those things I guess.
I cut my hair.


2003-11-07 16:58:26 ET

what's he doin'? O_o

2003-11-07 18:42:31 ET

Annoying people make the world go suck.

Work: getting paid to be torchered

2003-11-08 16:33:30 ET

it looks good, Zoe!

2003-11-08 16:40:40 ET

apollyon: he calls 9 times a day at least. he has a wasted hope.

cs: very much so. and i don't get paid enough to go through what i do. seriously.

pete: thank you ;)

2003-11-08 16:44:11 ET

you are very welcome!

2003-11-08 18:26:42 ET

amen to that

2003-11-08 22:21:42 ET

O_o that would get highly annoying O_o

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