Time presents itself.
2003-11-14 02:41:35 ET

I realize now, that it has been a month.
Somehow I feel it has been longer.
I say: fuck this job. i'm getting a better one,
and I am pulling a co-worker out the door with me.
I dislike obnoxiously drunk people.
aka people who can't tell the difference between a restaurant and their home and have no volume control.
People- who talk mad shit about gay people. I am seriously about to knock the next person the fuck out.
And there is a very annoying person who is getting punched
somewhere very uncomfortable when I next see him.
Also, I hate assholes. Thats all I will say there.
New plans.
The new year will be fucking groovy. This I will make sure of.
My sis, best friend, and confidant, just had a birthday, and I assured her she was not getting older, but she was becoming a more experienced party chick.
she agrees and says thanks. Love you!
Hair is changing. I'm psyched.
I pulled a muscle in my shoulder, and nearly disconnected it tonight. way to go.
Came up with an idea for a painting, if I can pull it off it will be my new identity.
And as childish as it seems (I have had the greatest week with the friend who just left) we have made a new thing, and i'm getting the t-shirts made asap. I will post the scan of the draw-out.
This i'm afraid is all for now.
Did I mention they have me not working tomorrow.
Bonne nuit.

2003-11-14 03:32:00 ET

wooo... i just overlook peoples ignorant statements... i'm not big on confrontation O_o

2003-11-14 03:33:58 ET

sadly sometimes i am too big on confrontation. especially when someone disrespects my friends to their face for a choice that does not involve them.

2003-11-14 03:49:41 ET

yea some people are just stupid...

2003-11-14 03:52:08 ET

farking seriously

2003-11-14 03:52:41 ET

yes yes... fark them :::snickers::: (never heard that word before) :-)

2003-11-14 03:53:40 ET

haha, i get these moods where i say it. it makes me laugh, and i could always use one. =)
-a laugh, that is-

2003-11-14 03:55:39 ET

yea :-) laughing is always good... i laugh a little too much... ahh but who cares... i'm happy so no biggy :-D

2003-11-14 03:58:26 ET

wish i could join you in on that sentence. my stomach pain from laughing left yesterday

2003-11-14 04:12:38 ET

yea... laughin' has never made my stomach hurt :::shrugs::; i guess i don't really usually laugh that hard i suppose

2003-11-14 04:13:50 ET

my friend just makes me laugh for no reason sometimes.
its farking great. i'm going to have to go to kentucky to visit her, so i can laugh again.

2003-11-14 04:14:40 ET

yea... girl i'm talkin' 2... i constantly make her laugh... she has the stomach ache laughing problem 2... O_o

2003-11-14 04:16:35 ET

its awesome when you can make someone laugh enough to make their stomach hurt.
i think it says alot

2003-11-14 04:18:58 ET

:-) yea she seems to like it haha :-)... i'm just a little crazy sometimes...
i can't help it... some people like it... some don't... i don't really care a whole lot... i tend to be witty under the right circumstances though... if someone looks sad or depressed... usually i can say the right things to make them laugh

2003-11-14 04:19:43 ET

rock on, thats a good quality. and kind of rare

2003-11-14 04:23:14 ET

yea... gotta be careful with it sometimes though... some people don't like bein' happy when they are sad or angry... gotta only use it on someone that you can tell would like to laugh...

otherwise they'll just get pissed at you for makin' a joke... or makin' light of a situation O_o

2003-11-14 04:42:57 ET

l like to laugh when im mad, because i dont like being mad, though im mad more than i laugh. its sad

2003-11-14 04:45:21 ET

:-\... well if i were there... try to make it a point to get ya laughing more often then mad... O_o... haha i hate makin' people mad... not unless they just like bein' that way... sometimes i'll add to it... but usually i avoid confrontation like i said earlier... i really don't like hurting anyone... emotionally or physically.. sometimes inavoidable as it is... still gotta try O_o

2003-11-14 04:46:52 ET

i make it a point to visit and meet new people.
maybe ill make it your way sometime, then you can make me laugh

2003-11-14 04:52:21 ET

haha that'd be cool :-)... tell me if you ever plan on comin' out this way... if i'm still around here... we could see about goin' and doin' stuff... what... i wouldn't have a clue... but ahhh like doin' spontaneous stuff... so it could be fun :-)

2003-11-14 05:06:56 ET

ok ill tell you when i know where you're located :P

2003-11-15 17:10:04 ET

well in a small place in NC... near bout 45 minutes from Greensboro and 20 from winston-salem (if you've ever heard of either O_o)

2003-11-18 03:03:36 ET

groovy my friend lives in greensboro

2003-11-19 01:39:30 ET

ahhh cool :-) i'd ask his name... but probably don't know him hahaha... so i doubt it'd make a big dif.
my brother plays in greensboro a lot... so i go up there every now and then...

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