can't you hear me?
2003-11-18 03:14:49 ET

There are times like this when, if only, the road would take me there.

]sparta[cut your ribbon]

2003-11-18 03:34:53 ET

I too cannot hear you!

2003-11-18 05:12:25 ET

if only everyone were more like you

2003-11-18 05:14:37 ET

Thanks, that is a nice compliment....and why do you say that?

2003-11-18 05:17:29 ET

no prob.
there is a handful of things i could say to that,
but the one i'll pick for now is that I rant too much.

2003-11-18 05:26:33 ET

LOL well i can still read you ranting!

2003-11-18 05:43:05 ET

Just kidding!

2003-11-18 05:51:35 ET

no thats very true.
i don't take offense to things much btw

2003-11-18 06:02:49 ET

i like sparta.

2003-11-18 06:03:18 ET

me too :)

2003-11-18 06:05:16 ET


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