2003-11-19 21:28:04 ET

holy shite
tv funhouse is on. anyone ever see the year of the dragon episode? laugh riot.
my muscles feel like they are giving up on me, especially my back.
-note to self- damn you stress.
talked to angie yesterday. it made the day better.
i am thinking of taking a drive this weekend.
i have something important to do.
then I can see.
i hope all is well.

2003-11-19 21:35:25 ET

ahhh yea... back pain sucks O_o...
should make someone give ya a massage :-)

2003-11-19 21:37:14 ET

i should, it hurts to move

2003-11-19 21:49:26 ET

yea what i hate... when it hurts even when you don't move...

tis wished i could help ya...
blah... i should probably get my back checked out sometime
not sure what all is wrong with it... i've injured it quite a few times hahaha :-)

2003-11-19 21:51:16 ET

haha same here, the crazy things we do when we were younger.

2003-11-19 21:54:20 ET

yea i regret some of it highly haha...
well the worst part... was some of it wasn't my fault... haha... so i might as well have took more risks... cause i got the injuries anyways haha...
i got less injuries doin' crazy stuff... i almost got hit by a car on roller blades goin' probably around 25 to 30 mph... and flipped like 5 times into a ditch haha... i was fine... sept for maybe a scrape...
then the little things were the ones that actually hurt me... hahaha (i was semi crazy when i was younger)

2003-11-19 21:59:19 ET

i was a kid who didnt think before i acted.
plus i used to jump off of houses for some odd reason,
and i think gravity might have something to do with my back,
then again i can blame stress. haha

2003-11-19 22:05:11 ET

hahaha yes lets blame stress
i'm sure falling from roofs had nothin' to do with it...

:-D hahaha... that's somethin' else... i've never jumped off a roof... i did really like extreme sports a little too much... but i never hurt myself bad doin' anything... just scrapes and stuff like that...

i'm not big for jumping high heights if i'm gonna be landin' on my feet... cause well i broke most of my toes... so it wouldn't result very good...

2003-11-19 22:15:26 ET

i broke my nose by jumping off of a roof, and popped my knee out of place a couple of times. now i just take advantage of no so much 'safer' things, but things where gravity doesnt displace the alignment of my body. (unless of course an atv tumbled on top of me) haha

2003-11-19 22:18:16 ET

hahaha.. ya never know... could happen :-)...

i chipped my nose by usin' a ski like a snowboard down a hill... and nonthin' but ice... sliced my hand to the bone with that one as well... but it was fun... and worth seein' the bone for... haha :-)

2003-11-19 22:28:28 ET

haha, sounds like something i would do

2003-11-19 22:29:36 ET

haha yea... i missed the tree by like a foot... haha... i saved my self in a pit of ice chips hahaha... needless to say it still hurt...

2003-11-20 01:53:11 ET

You should probably make sure you can see before you start driving!

2003-11-20 03:00:34 ET

nah i meant see how things work out

2003-11-20 12:08:05 ET

Yeah, I know, I'm just pushin yer buttons ;-)

2003-11-21 01:01:38 ET


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